Review: Firstly I would like to inform that Eresolution is 100% GENUINE. Secondly, I have take their services and honestly their advice and services are very helpful, I would recommend Eresolution if anyone is going through a hardship, difficulty, financial Crisis with their Credit Cards and Personal loans. Thirdly, the financial consultant from Lawyer Panel Mr Dhruv who is currently helping me has been 100% professional, available whenever in doubt or need any clarity to handle any harassment issue. Lastly, I would like to say if you are mentally stressed and harassed by recovery agents, 1000 of call believe me there is always help and guidance that you can take from Eresolution.

Paul D

Hi Nidhi, I am really happy with your support. Thanks to you, I can now manage all my cards and loans together. The Lawyer Panel team is very helpful, and they are always ready to assist. Great service, good team! Hopefully, with your continued support, Illl be able to enjoy my debt-free life again. All the very best to the team.


My special thanks to Samreen for helping me negotiate with the lender bank HDFC. Kudos for the regular follow-up and for providing financial and legal advice in my debt resolution.


Hi Ayushi, your support has been fabulous. I went through very challenging times post-COVID, struggling to continue paying back my loans and cards due to job issues and the pandemic. Ayushi has been extremely patient with me, helping me handle the situation and my emotional state. She puts in full effort to keep me informed about everything, checking with me and the bank regularly. I wholeheartedly recommend her services and those of Lawyer Panel.


I would like to express my appreciation for your support and assistance during the debt resolution process. You have been very kind, helpful, and always approachable whenever I needed assistance. I wish you and your team all the very best.


I am very thankful to the Eresolution Financial Services team for their strong support in my debt resolution.


My special thanks to Mr. Prahlad for helping me out and negotiated with the lender bank Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd. Thanks for regular follow up.


My name is Imran, and I have entered into a contract with Eresolution to assist me with my financial problems. Advocate Prahlad has been professional and helpful, demonstrating understanding of my predicament. He is available whenever I reach out with a message. Recently, he successfully negotiated on my behalf with one of my credit cards. I am truly grateful that, for now, one of my headaches has been addressed by Advocate Prahlad. Thank you again.


I would like to share that Eresolution is indeed 100% GENUINE. Having availed of their services, I can honestly say that their advice and assistance have been incredibly helpful. I highly recommend Eresolution to anyone facing hardship, difficulty, or a financial crisis with credit cards and personal loans. Both the financial consultant, Mr. Akshay, and the legal consultant, Mr. Prahlad, have been thoroughly professional. They are consistently available for any doubts or clarifications, especially in handling harassment issues. They have proven to be great advocates in assisting me with loan resolution. Lastly, if you find yourself mentally stressed and harassed by recovery agents, remember that there is always help and guidance available from Eresolution.


I have been availing Prashant Ji’s services since April. As a first-time defaulter, I was initially scared to face all the banks and didn't know how to communicate with them gracefully. However, he has been very helpful, supportive, and proactive. He handles all situations with ease, even when I sometimes lose my cool. Recently, one of my cards got resolved with his assistance, and he has been providing sound guidance, teaching me to wait for the right time. While there's still a long way to go, this is just the beginning. So, a big thank you to Prashant Ji.


Hi Prashant Ji, I am fully satisfied with how you handled the queries, especially the calls from various banks. Also, the debt resolution with Axis was excellent.


My special thanks to Mr. Prashant for helping me negotiate with the lender banks HDFC/SBI/KOTAK. Kudos for the regular follow-up, resolving my loan, and helping me come out of debt within the committed timeline. Thank you, Lawyer Panel Team.


When facing financial distress and physical pain, thinking clearly and making good decisions becomes difficult. During my uncertain times, the Eresolution Financial Services team has consistently provided excellent advice and a friendly approach to handling things. Everyone I’ve interacted with has been incredibly helpful, understanding my situation and offering the best solutions along with constant support.


I have started using Lawyer Panel services. I am satisfied with them. They listen to our problems patiently and guide us whenever required. And their core team of lawyers and financial advisors is supportive and helpful. Their guidance will help resolve all the loan and credit card payment issues.


Dear Sir, Your company's services are very good and supportive. Because of your company's service, I am feeling like I can come out of debt. Thank You.

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