Ending Financial Harassment: A Social Media Success Story

Ending Financial Harassment

In today’s fast-paced world, access to financial services like loans and managing finances has become increasingly convenient. With just a few clicks or taps, individuals can secure loans, manage their budgets, and make transactions seamlessly.

However, despite the ease and accessibility offered by modern financial systems, challenges can arise when things don’t go according to plan.

The Tough Situation: Dealing with Unwanted Visits

One of my client was harassed by Bajaj recovery agent by using rude language over the speech and also using threatening tactics to pay the EMI immediately. Also, without his consent the agent sent one of his subordinate agents to his residence in his native place where his mother is living alone. My client was completely disturbed and agonized by the agent’s unruly behavior.

Taking Charge: Using Twitter to Solve the Problem

In an effort to control the situation we immediately posted a complaint on twitter mentioning my client’s ordeal, tagging Bajaj FinServ and RBI. Within 2 hours we got a reply for our complaint from Bajaj FinServ social media escalation team and they asked us to share clients registered mobile number for further action which we did.

Swift Response: Bajaj FinServ’s Intervention

Around 10.30 pm, we got a call from Bajaj person requesting him to share more details on his ordeal with the agent and also the agent contact details. They also mentioned that with immediate effect, all collection calls from agents will be discontinued on my client’s contact no and only regular follow up calls from Bajaj senior employees will be maintained.

He assured us that a thorough investigation will be done on this matter and the same will be updated to us by the concerned team over the mail. All this happened in a matter of 4 hours from the time we posted the complaint on twitter.

Relief Achieved: The Power of Social Media Advocacy

Our in-time action was very effective and helped my client get out of his plight in a very short time. If anyone faces a similar situation you should always take help of public platforms like twitter, which provides an early resolution to the client and helps him get relief from such harassment done by agents.

Also, with the coordinated efforts of my client and our regular complaints and escalations, My client is now almost free from harassment calls and illegal visits by his lenders.

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