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How does Anti-Harassment Service (AHS) work?

1. Sign up with Us for Anti-Harassment Service

2. Get unique call forwarding number

3. Set up call forwarding to avoid harassment

4. Harassment calls get forwarded to our lawyers

5. Our lawyers intervene where necessary

6. Our resolution team works in parallel

How does Loan resolution work?

There are 5 phases in Loan Resolution process:

Check Eligibility

Enrol with Us

Save for Loan resolution

Negotiate with Bank

Resolve with Bank

Become Loan Free!!


Loan Payment Issues

We can help you find solutions to your financial difficulties that will allow you to pay back less than what you owe and avoid becoming a willful defaulter if you have taken loans and are unable to pay back.

Credit Card Loan issues

If you are not able to pay your Credit Card dues and the bank is threatening and hounding you, our lawyers can evaluate the situation and assist you.

Recovery Agents Harassment

If you are being pestered by recovery agents, our lawyers panel can put a stop to the harassment since it is in violation of RBI rules and Supreme Court orders.

About Us

We specialize in cases related to loan defaults, cheque bouncing and recovery agents harassment. Our panel of lawyers can provide you legal support to stop harassment and resolve debt issues. has one of the largest panel of lawyers across all major cities of India standing by for you in case you have genuine problems and are unable to pay back your loans and face the prospects of litigation or illegal harassment.

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